A diet plan tailored to you!

The diet plan will be tailored to your needs so there will be a 30 minute consultation where you explain what you would like to achieve and whether you want a 6 week plan or 12 week plan which will be made and then be able to pick the plan up from the gym.

What is a diet plan?

a lot of people get nervous about the idea of a diet plan or don’t believe that they can be a long-term gain and are restrictive food intake. Here at the body boutique we believe that having a diet plan is a lifestyle change which will stick with you after the chosen plan is ended or you are able to repeat it. Our plans are tailored to the individual’s health status, weight and lifestyle, along with their personal goals.

6 & 12 Week Plans Available

Both the plans provide similar information, however the 12-week plan will go into more depth and is recommend as it enables your body and mind to get into a routine which then allows you to have a lifestyle change so the diet plans work for a longer period of time. The plan is proposed to help you reach your goals at a safe rate; For example, if you wanted to lose weight the plan would advise 0.5kg to 1kg (1lb to 2lb) each week by sticking to a daily calorie allowance.
January 2021
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